Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life is Only an Idea Until you Feel It In Your Body

You don’t have a single feeling, thought, or behavior that is not processed at some point by both your body and your mind. Emotions generate a force like a physical event. You just may not be as aware of their impact in the same way you feel pain when you touch something too hot or too cold.
Every emotion has a corresponding "felt sense" in the body. When you feel anger you get ready for action by tensing your jaw and limbs. As fear strikes you tighten your stomach, chest and throat. When joy or pleasure arises, you can breathe and move freely and expansively.
Often your body’s response to emotion is subtle. You may notice impulses such as a slight change in your breathing rate and/or depth, or your chest, neck and shoulders may get a bit tighter, or your hands and feet feel cold or hot. All these sensations are your body-mind and nervous system communicating the vocabulary of your feelings. Attention to these body language impulses will help you secure your essential self in the present moment and determine the kind of inner support you need right now.
     Your rational mind can limit your ability to feel inner support. Thoughts can easily get in the way of skillful behavior or the best intentions. In times of crisis, some people find it tough to think clearly when feeling anxious and the body is tense or braced. For others, rational thought can be a way to grasp control of overwhelming feelings and deny they even exist.
     When feeling emotional disharmony, and especially for persistent conflicts, your mind only gives you half the story of how to deal with your emotions. You need to listen to your body for full disclosure.

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